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Warrior Recipes

  • Salade Santa-Fe du Guerrier

    Santa-Fe salad of the warrior

    A vegetarian recipe that will snap the finest palace! It's not because it's a salad that it needs to be bland. Our Tomahawk mixture is perfectly roasting sweet potatoes and "Santa-Fe" home-style vinaigrette!
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  • Poulet frit épicé du Guerrier

    Warrior Spicy Fried Chicken

    Servings: 4x
    Prep. 120 mins Cooking 15 mins

    The best fried chicken north of Kentucky is this one! You will simply not come back. The Tomahawk Blend easily measures up to the Colonel's secret spices. To be enjoyed with your fingers... and a smile!

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  • Côtes de porc Nagano

    Nagano pork ribs

    When spring comes, it's always nice to try new recipes! Concoct a delicious Nagano pork coast meal with warrior spices for all the family.
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  • Tomahawk au beurre de thuya et sa salsa de maïs grillé

    Tomahawk with cedar butter and grilled corn salsa

    Servings: 4x
    Prep. 45 mins Cooking 8 mins
    Here's a tomahawk steak recipe specially designed for a wood-fired or pizza oven, in collaboration with Peter MacLeod and his Authentic Pete wood-fired pizza oven Cedar butter adds subtle boreal forest notes to the slightly tangy and sweet Tomahawk mix , which coats the meat.
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  • Poulet à la broche Father's Cooker

    Father's Cooker spit-roasted chicken

    Servings: 6x
    Prep. 10 minutes Cooking 80 mins
    A perfectly roasted and lightly smoked chicken, seasoned with Traditional and Tomahawk Blends... All accompanied by asparagus grilled in our wild mushroom salt. Incredibly delicious!
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  • Maïs rôti au Mélange Tomahawk

    Tomahawk Mix Roasted Corn

    Servings: 6x
    Prep. 10 minutes Cooking 30 mins

    We have nothing against the classic butter and salt, but to taste this recipe is to adopt it! Let the Tomahawk Mix tease your taste buds in an original and delicious sauce enhanced by fresh coriander. Your roasts will never have tasted so good!

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  • Surf n’ Turf décadent du Guerrier

    Warrior's Decadent Surf n' Turf

    Chef Peter revisits the king of barbecue dinners, Surf n' Turf, to bring it to the height of eccentricity and luxury in Vice City! In this recipe, we offer you the natural alliance of tomahawk steak with the Tomahawk Mix, for a spicy touch. The smoothness of the blue cheese crust, the herb butter and the explosive flavor of the lobster tails, complemented to perfection with a Bacon Pepper sauce will make this recipe an unforgettable experience!

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  • Chili de bison du Guerrier

    Warrior Bison Chili

    Chef Peter reinvents an American classic, chili! The explosive flavors of this comforting recipe will amaze you with every bite. Perfect for filling you up at the end of a day outdoors or warming your soul on a chilly evening, the Tomahawk Blend will add the perfect balance of maple sugar, the spicy component of Ghost Pepper, boreal flavors and tomato acidity.
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  • Burger de porc effiloché du Guerrier

    Warrior's Pulled Pork Burger

    This pulled pork burger will have you rethinking everything you know about burgers. From our show " La Route des Épices du Guerrier" , this recipe made on the barbecue will make you discover an explosion of flavors with its perfectly balanced marriage of smoky, sweet, salty and spicy.

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  • Pilons de poulet du Guerrier

    Warrior Chicken Pilons

    3x : 10 minutes : 40 mins

    Simple, quick, but above all tasty, this recipe will allow you to add an Olé Olé touch to your weekday meals. These juicy chicken drumsticks will make you discover an explosion of flavors and the touch of spiciness of the Tomahawk Mix in two steps, three movements.

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  • Côtes levées du Guerrier

    Ribs of the warrior

    4x : 45 mins : 20 mins

    The barbecue is buried under the snow? No problem! This oven-baked ribs recipe is the perfect comfort food for cold winter evenings. Served as an appetizer or as a meal, our recipe for rib bites will allow you to obtain tasty, well-lacquered meat that literally falls off the bone.

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  • Côtes de veau farcies

    Stuffed calf ribs

    It is nice, it's hot ! It's time to prepare stuffed calf ribs for the whole family, for an unforgettable first BBQ to enjoy on the terrace.
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