Warrior Recipes

  • Oeufs mimosa fumés au Mélange Abénaki

    Smoked Mimosa Eggs with Abenaki Mix

    Servings: 24x
    Prep. 30 mins Cooking 20 mins
    Perfect bites for the Holidays, reinvented twice thanks to Father's Cooker™️ BBQ and Abenaki Blend! For your information, those on the photo disappeared in a few seconds, you will be warned!
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  • Mignonette au Mélange Abénaki

    Abenaki Mix Mignonette

    Servings: 24x
    Prep. 5 min Cooking 0 mins

    The classic mignonette is good… But an Abenaki Blend and maple mignonette is even better! Let the floral notes of the Abenaki Blend transform a simple mignonette into a delight for the eyes and the palate.

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  • «Fish 'N Chips» du Guerrier

    Warrior's "Fish 'N Chips"

    4x : 20 mins : 10 minutes

    Ideal for walleye, do not hesitate to make this recipe with your favorite white fish, such as haddock or cod. In “shore lunch” or in the comfort of your kitchen, your guests will want more!

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