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Warrior Recipes

  • Huîtres Rockefeller au Mélange Innu

    Rockefeller Oysters with Innu Mix

    Servings: 24x
    Prep. 15 mins Cooking 8 mins
    Oysters au gratin reinvented with the delicious Innu Mix, in a simple recipe that will leave your guests speechless! A guaranteed success that will please the most difficult to satisfy palates.
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  • Saumon au Mélange Innu

    Salmon with Innu Mix

    Servings: 2x
    Prep. 5 min Cooking 15 mins

    A perfect recipe for salmon or trout! Today made in the air fryer, you can just as well make it in the oven, on the fire or on the BBQ. Let the aromas of Labrador tea permeate the fish, and the Innu blend caramelize the surface of the flesh to perfection. A sure hit!

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  • Roulés de sole farcis à la goberge au Mélange Innu

    Sole rolls stuffed with pollock with Innu mix

    Servings: 4x
    Prep. 15 mins Cooking 20 mins
    Rolls of fresh sole stuffed with pollock like you've never tasted before! You will notice how the Innu Mix perfectly complements the Salt with Wild Mushrooms and Pepper with Bacon duo. A perfect recipe to also try with crab to replace pollock, especially in season! All in a surprising and delicious combination of flavors, created in particular by the combination of fish and forest sauce. Recipe created by Anthony Le Brière, French BBQ champion and Executive Chef of BBQ Father's Cooker.
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  • Tataki de thon au Mélange Innu

    Tuna tataki with Innu mix

    Servings: 2x
    Prep. 2 min Cooking 5 min

    Get an appetizer (or main!) everyone will love, in just minutes. This delicious Innu Blend tuna tataki is topped with maple syrup, and Labrador tea adds a truly exquisite and boreal touch to this super easy recipe.

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