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  • Smash Burger du Guerrier

    Warrior Smash Burger

    Servings: 3x
    Prep. 15 mins Cooking 10 minutes
    Inspired by our visit to the retro atmosphere of the town of Seligman, our chef presents a burger worthy of the American driv -ins of the 50s! This extraordinary burger will allow you to revisit your summer barbecues and impress your guests. The method of preparation of the Smash Burger ensures that the flavors of the beef explode, complemented by the unique aromas of the B acon pepper , scurvy sauce mayonnaise and topped with caramelized onions .  
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  • Crab cakes du Guerrier au Poivre au Bacon

    Bacon Pepper Warrior Crab Cakes

    Servings: 2-3x
    Prep. 15 mins Cooking 15 mins

    A perfect recipe to enjoy crab season! Our chef has reinvented it by adding Bacon Pepper to the mixture and Traditional Mixture to the breadcrumbs. All stuffed with cream cheese... Crispy, bursting with freshness, you'll want more!

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  • Purée lisse de pommes de terre au Poivre au Bacon

    Smooth Mashed Potatoes with Bacon Pepper

    Servings: 4x
    Prep. 15 mins Cooking 15 mins

    The disarming simplicity of this delicious Bacon Pepper Mashed Potato will leave you speechless. In fact, we bet you'll never make "plain" mashed potatoes again.

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  • Étagé de boudin aux pommes

    Apple pudding layer

    Servings: 2x
    Prep. 30 mins Cooking 10 minutes

    A favorite recipe, this layer of apple pudding is enhanced with the Traditional Blend, sprinkled here and there, as well as with the Bacon Pepper present in the smooth mashed potatoes.

    An autumn treat that will amaze the gallery in any season!

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  • Roulés de sole farcis à la goberge au Mélange Innu

    Sole rolls stuffed with pollock with Innu mix

    Servings: 4x
    Prep. 15 mins Cooking 20 mins
    Rolls of fresh sole stuffed with pollock like you've never tasted before! You will notice how the Innu Mix perfectly complements the Salt with Wild Mushrooms and Pepper with Bacon duo. A perfect recipe to also try with crab to replace pollock, especially in season! All in a surprising and delicious combination of flavors, created in particular by the combination of fish and forest sauce. Recipe created by Anthony Le Brière, French BBQ champion and Executive Chef of BBQ Father's Cooker.
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  • Moules marinières fumées du Guerrier

    Smoked marinière mussels from Le Guerrier

    Servings: 4x
    Prep. 10 minutes Cooking 20 mins
    Mussels marinière, cooked and smoked on the Father's Cooker multifunction BBQ, perfectly seasoned with Traditional Mixtures , Pepper with Bacon and Salt with Wild Mushrooms. You'll have to double the recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth, guaranteed!
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  • Bouchées croustillantes de gibier du Guerrier

    Warrior's Crispy Game Bites

    Servings: 5x
    Prep. 60 mins Cooking 8 mins
    Whether it is made with game meat or not, this recipe for crispy bites will not leave anyone indifferent. Delicious and spicy, don't hesitate to dip them in a little La Scurbut hot sauce!
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  • Pizza à la truite fumée du guerrier

    Warrior's Smoked Trout Pizza

    4x : 20 mins : 5 min

    The pizza recipe to try! The lime zest gives it an unparalleled touch of freshness, and the pancetta combined with bacon pepper add a little salty and delicious je-ne-sais-quoi. Add a little lumpfish caviar to enhance the flavor of the fish, and you will have in your hands a pizza worthy of the best restaurants in the world!

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  • Surf n’ Turf décadent du Guerrier

    Warrior's Decadent Surf n' Turf

    Chef Peter revisits the king of barbecue dinners, Surf n' Turf, to bring it to the height of eccentricity and luxury in Vice City! In this recipe, we offer you the natural alliance of tomahawk steak with the Tomahawk Mix, for a spicy touch. The smoothness of the blue cheese crust, the herb butter and the explosive flavor of the lobster tails, complemented to perfection with a Bacon Pepper sauce will make this recipe an unforgettable experience!

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  • Cioppino du Guerrier

    Cioppino of the Warrior

    Inspired by seafood culture and the clear waters of the Colorado River, this tomato seafood soup recipe hailing from San Francisco will introduce you to a whole new way to enjoy seafood. revisited with this comforting and satiating soup, embellished with our renowned Poivre Boréal au Bacon, highlighting the essential flavor combination of seafood, bacon, and dune pepper. A delight to discover!

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