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  • Tacos de Saumon Fumé du Guerrier

    Smoked Salmon Tacos from the 3 Sisters Warrior

    Servings: 6
    Prep. 15 mins Cooking 5 min

    As a starter, as a tapas or even as a main meal, these tacos are downright DELICIOUS. Made with Warrior Smoked Salmon by Grizzly, they combine traditional Huron-Wendat foods (the 3 sisters) for an astonishing result. Delicious in any season, but we can imagine them with a small glass of white wine on the patio in the middle of summer!

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  • Gâterie Reese’s de la Relâche

    Reese's Spring Break Treat

    Servings: 12-15
    Prep. 30 mins Cooking 5 min

    A chocolatey treat, just for fun! The sweet and sour side of peanut butter combined with chocolate and Traditional Mix will delight young and old alike! Don't hesitate to make this recipe with the children, they will love it!

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  • Farfalles crémeuses au poulet

    Creamy chicken farfalle

    Patrice Dion
    Servings: 4-6x
    Prep. 15 mins Cooking 30 mins

    When Italy meets the boreal forest! Discover this delicious and simple recipe, with Italian accents. Perfect for a small weeknight dinner, without compromising on taste!

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  • Salade Santa-Fe du Guerrier

    Santa-Fe salad of the warrior

    A vegetarian recipe that will snap the finest palace! It's not because it's a salad that it needs to be bland. Our Tomahawk mixture is perfectly roasting sweet potatoes and "Santa-Fe" home-style vinaigrette!
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  • Bagels au saumon fumé

    Smoked salmon bagels

    Bagels, smoked salmon and spices of the warrior, it sounds like a delicious meal. Prepare this recipe easily and in a few minutes, and enjoy!
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  • Crab cakes du Guerrier au Poivre au Bacon

    Bacon Pepper Warrior Crab Cakes

    Servings: 2-3x
    Prep. 15 mins Cooking 15 mins

    A perfect recipe to enjoy crab season! Our chef has reinvented it by adding Bacon Pepper to the mixture and Traditional Mixture to the breadcrumbs. All stuffed with cream cheese... Crispy, bursting with freshness, you'll want more!

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  • Étagé de boudin aux pommes

    Apple pudding layer

    Servings: 2x
    Prep. 30 mins Cooking 10 minutes

    A favorite recipe, this layer of apple pudding is enhanced with the Traditional Blend, sprinkled here and there, as well as with the Bacon Pepper present in the smooth mashed potatoes.

    An autumn treat that will amaze the gallery in any season!

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  • Poulet à la vapeur du Guerrier

    Warrior Steamed Chicken

    Servings: 4x
    Prep. 10 minutes Cooking 80 mins
    A perfectly steamed chicken in red wine and chicken broth, seasoned with Traditional Blend. Ideal for lunches, sandwiches, nachos, "hot chicken"... This chicken meat is so tender and juicy that you may devour it whole before you can do anything else with it! Recipe made on a multifunctional portable Father's Cooker™️ BBQ.
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  • Moules marinières fumées du Guerrier

    Smoked marinière mussels from Le Guerrier

    Servings: 4x
    Prep. 10 minutes Cooking 20 mins
    Mussels marinière, cooked and smoked on the Father's Cooker multifunction BBQ, perfectly seasoned with Traditional Mixtures , Pepper with Bacon and Salt with Wild Mushrooms. You'll have to double the recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth, guaranteed!
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  • Poulet à la broche Father's Cooker

    Father's Cooker spit-roasted chicken

    Servings: 6x
    Prep. 10 minutes Cooking 80 mins
    A perfectly roasted and lightly smoked chicken, seasoned with Traditional and Tomahawk Blends... All accompanied by asparagus grilled in our wild mushroom salt. Incredibly delicious!
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