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Warrior Recipes

  • Smash Burger du Guerrier

    Warrior Smash Burger

    Servings: 3x
    Prep. 15 mins Cooking 10 minutes
    Inspired by our visit to the retro atmosphere of the town of Seligman, our chef presents a burger worthy of the American driv -ins of the 50s! This extraordinary burger will allow you to revisit your summer barbecues and impress your guests. The method of preparation of the Smash Burger ensures that the flavors of the beef explode, complemented by the unique aromas of the B acon pepper , scurvy sauce mayonnaise and topped with caramelized onions .  
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  • Tartare de bœuf au cactus du Guerrier

    Beef tartare with Warrior cactus

    A refreshing and satisfying tartare, served in a way… out of the ordinary! The fruity, explosive and spicy flavors of this tartare will transport you to a culinary epic and put a touch of sunshine on your plate. In perfect balance, the maple sugar, the freshness of the fruits and the spicy touch of the Scurvy Sauce will take your meat to a new level.
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  • Ceviche de Poisson du Guerrier

    Warrior Fish Ceviche

    A ceviche all in freshness and simplicity, which will transport you to the edge of the beach in a single bite! Let the lime and coriander do the talking, which, combined with the slightly spicy and sweet side of the Tomahawk Mix, will create an explosion of summer flavors in the mouth.
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  • Taquitos du Guerrier

    Warrior Taquitos

    6x : 15 mins : 17 mins

    A perfect recipe to make with the family, your children will love helping you make them before putting them in the oven! Everyone will love the taste of these little Mexican delights, enhanced with our spices and La Scorbut sauce. Ideal to prepare with leftovers from our “Spicy Warrior Roast Chicken” recipe.

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  • Pétoncles grillés et crème de maïs

    Grilled scallops and corn cream

    If you like seafood, we promise you that you will enjoy you! Concocate this scallop recipe with pepper pepper from the Warrior spices accompanied by a scurred corn cream.
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  • Tartare de saumon avec croustilles de won-ton

    Salmon Tartar with Won-Ton Chips

    This is the ideal time to taste a salmon tartare in the sun. Add an Aboriginal key to yours with this recipe of the warrior spices also including bacon pepper and pungent sauce Scurb!
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