Warrior Recipes

  • Poulet frit épicé du Guerrier

    Warrior Spicy Fried Chicken

    Servings: 4x
    Prep. 120 mins Cooking 15 mins

    The best fried chicken north of Kentucky is this one! You will simply not come back. The Tomahawk Blend easily measures up to the Colonel's secret spices. To be enjoyed with your fingers... and a smile!

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  • Saumon au Mélange Innu

    Salmon with Innu Mix

    Servings: 2x
    Prep. 5 min Cooking 15 mins

    A perfect recipe for salmon or trout! Today made in the air fryer, you can just as well make it in the oven, on the fire or on the BBQ. Let the aromas of Labrador tea permeate the fish, and the Innu blend caramelize the surface of the flesh to perfection. A sure hit!

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  • Macreuse de boeuf au Mélange Wendat

    Macreuse de boeuf au Mélange Wendat

    Portions : 4x
    Prép. 15 min Cuisson 30 min

    Une pièce de viandequi gagne à être connue: La macreuse de boeuf ! N'hésitez pas à réaliser cette délicieuse recette avec de l'orignal, du cerf ou la viande rouge de votre choix !

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  • Bavette de boeuf au Mélange Wendat et risotto à la courge butternut

    Bavette de boeuf / orignal au Mélange Wendat et risotto à la courge

    Portions : 2x
    Prép. 10 min Cuisson 30 min

    À réaliser avec une bavette de boeuf ou d'orignal, cette recette est simple et délicieuse. Elle mettra en valeur votre pièce de viande grâce aux accents forestiers du Mélange Wendat. Laissez le risotto crémeux à la courge butternut compléter à merveille ce petit délice !

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  • Potage à la citrouille

    Warrior Pumpkin Soup

    Servings: 4x
    Prep. 15 mins Cooking 30 mins
    A delicious and simple soup that highlights pumpkin, enhanced with Bacon Pepper. You'll want to eat it at every meal!
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  • Mijoté d’automne au Mélange Wendat

    Autumn Stew with Wendat Blend

    Servings: 4x
    Prep. 15 mins Cooking 4h

    What's more comforting than a stew? An autumn stew with Wendat Blend, of course! You will appreciate all the depth of this dish to make in the slow cooker. Eat in the comfort of your favorite cuddly toy, while watching the leaves fall!

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  • Purée lisse de pommes de terre au Poivre au Bacon

    Smooth Mashed Potatoes with Bacon Pepper

    Servings: 4x
    Prep. 15 mins Cooking 15 mins

    The disarming simplicity of this delicious Bacon Pepper Mashed Potato will leave you speechless. In fact, we bet you'll never make "plain" mashed potatoes again.

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  • Étagé de boudin aux pommes

    Apple pudding layer

    Servings: 2x
    Prep. 30 mins Cooking 10 minutes

    A favorite recipe, this layer of apple pudding is enhanced with the Traditional Blend, sprinkled here and there, as well as with the Bacon Pepper present in the smooth mashed potatoes.

    An autumn treat that will amaze the gallery in any season!

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  • Cosmojito du Guerrier

    Cosmojito of the Warrior

    Let the improbable flavors of this fusion cocktail mix in this original and deliciously boreal drink. Just sweet enough (but not too much!), with the floral, complex and slightly bitter accents of Warrior Infusion as a backdrop.

    To be enjoyed in any season, in moderation, to enjoy a well-deserved summer break.
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