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  • Smash Burger du Guerrier

    Warrior Smash Burger

    Servings: 3x
    Prep. 15 mins Cooking 10 minutes
    Inspired by our visit to the retro atmosphere of the town of Seligman, our chef presents a burger worthy of the American driv -ins of the 50s! This extraordinary burger will allow you to revisit your summer barbecues and impress your guests. The method of preparation of the Smash Burger ensures that the flavors of the beef explode, complemented by the unique aromas of the B acon pepper , scurvy sauce mayonnaise and topped with caramelized onions .  
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  • Surf n’ Turf décadent du Guerrier

    Warrior's Decadent Surf n' Turf

    Chef Peter revisits the king of barbecue dinners, Surf n' Turf, to bring it to the height of eccentricity and luxury in Vice City! In this recipe, we offer you the natural alliance of tomahawk steak with the Tomahawk Mix, for a spicy touch. The smoothness of the blue cheese crust, the herb butter and the explosive flavor of the lobster tails, complemented to perfection with a Bacon Pepper sauce will make this recipe an unforgettable experience!

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  • Tataki de bœuf du Guerrier

    Warrior beef tataki

    A spectacular recipe inspired by the majestic scenery of Zion National Park, the Warrior's beef tataki will introduce you to a simple, tasty and quick way to prepare beef. The maple sugar in the Traditional Blend will caramelize your meat and release the unique boreal flavors of bayberry and dune pepper. A quick, tasty and amazing recipe!

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  • Cioppino du Guerrier

    Cioppino of the Warrior

    Inspired by seafood culture and the clear waters of the Colorado River, this tomato seafood soup recipe hailing from San Francisco will introduce you to a whole new way to enjoy seafood. revisited with this comforting and satiating soup, embellished with our renowned Poivre Boréal au Bacon, highlighting the essential flavor combination of seafood, bacon, and dune pepper. A delight to discover!

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  • Salade végétarienne du Guerrier

    Warrior Vegetarian Salad

    A salad… without lettuce! Inspired by the pristine landscapes of Valley of Fire, our chef will have you questioning your idea of ​​what a salad is. Perfect for filling up on energy and vitamins after a long hike, in a light, tasty meal that is a real delight for the eyes. The easy-to-make vinaigrette made with Tomahawk Blend will bring a boreal touch and highlight the fresh and refreshing vegetable pairings.
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  • Poisson en croûte de sel du Guerrier

    Warrior Salt Crusted Fish

    Inspired by the breathtaking scenery of Lake Mead, our chef presents you with a breathtaking dish with an extraordinary presentation. The fish cooked in a salt crust allows the flesh of the fish to cook in its own steam and the Traditional Blend to release its unique flavors of the boreal forests, complemented by aromatics such as fresh herbs and lemon that we insert directly into the fish. An easy recipe, tasty and a show side in the same recipe.

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  • Chili de bison du Guerrier

    Warrior Bison Chili

    Chef Peter reinvents an American classic, chili! The explosive flavors of this comforting recipe will amaze you with every bite. Perfect for filling you up at the end of a day outdoors or warming your soul on a chilly evening, the Tomahawk Blend will add the perfect balance of maple sugar, the spicy component of Ghost Pepper, boreal flavors and tomato acidity.
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  • Ceviche de Poisson du Guerrier

    Warrior Fish Ceviche

    A ceviche all in freshness and simplicity, which will transport you to the edge of the beach in a single bite! Let the lime and coriander do the talking, which, combined with the slightly spicy and sweet side of the Tomahawk Mix, will create an explosion of summer flavors in the mouth.
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  • Burger de porc effiloché du Guerrier

    Warrior's Pulled Pork Burger

    This pulled pork burger will have you rethinking everything you know about burgers. From our show " La Route des Épices du Guerrier" , this recipe made on the barbecue will make you discover an explosion of flavors with its perfectly balanced marriage of smoky, sweet, salty and spicy.

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