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Our hot sauce, La Scorbut, is lightly spiced and made with jalapeño peppers, fresh limes and pure Quebec maple syrup. Ideal for marinating your favorite meats and goes perfectly with all our classic blends.

  • Natural ingredients and 100% pure maple sugar;
  • With Pepper from the dunes of Quebec;
  • High in vitamin C.
  • 148ml size

Interesting fact: Scurvy is a disease involving a significant and prolonged vitamin C deficiency. It commonly affected the first settlers in North America. To help them, the First Nations people offered them a recipe based on herbs rich in vitamin C. Our hot sauce is called Scurvy, due to its high vitamin C content!

Ingredients: Jalapeño peppers, lime juice, poblano peppers, vinegar, sugars (maple syrup, cane sugar), lemon juice, onions, spinach, cilantro, Quebec dune pepper , garlic and lemon zest.

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