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  • Pizza à la truite fumée du guerrier

    Warrior Smoked Trout Pizza

    Servings: 5=4x
    Prep. 20 mins Cooking 5 min

    The pizza recipe to try! The lime zest gives it an unparalleled touch of freshness, and the pancetta combined with bacon pepper add a little salty and delicious je-ne-sais-quoi. Add a little lumpfish caviar to enhance the flavor of the fish, and you will have in your hands a pizza worthy of the best restaurants in the world!

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  • Tataki de thon au Mélange Innu

    Tuna tataki with Innu mix

    2x : 2 min : 5 min

    Get an appetizer (or main!) everyone will love, in just minutes. This delicious Innu Blend tuna tataki is topped with maple syrup, and Labrador tea adds a truly exquisite and boreal touch to this super easy recipe.

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  • «Fish 'N Chips» du Guerrier


    Servings: 4x
    Prep. 20 mins Cooking 10 minutes

    Ideal for walleye, do not hesitate to make this recipe with your favorite white fish, such as haddock or cod. In “shore lunch” or in the comfort of your kitchen, your guests will want more!

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