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Most hunting set: just in time for the hunting season

"Take the flesh of a game Game offered by our" Mother The Earth "is a privilege that" we ", the First Nations, consider with great respect and great humility.

The "hunting season" is a cultural and family event where young and old share moments of gathering and learning by valuing the traditions of our past.

Each levy of a game ends with a ceremony that recalls the importance of preserving the integrity of this ancestral gesture and makes it aware of the role of everyone in this great chain of life. "

Discover the pleasure of cooking game by here with our tasty mixtures showing local products of Aboriginal nations in Quebec.

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(*) Our mixtures also offer substitutes available from your grocer.

The "game mixtures" of the warrior spices are prepared in collaboration with the knowledge of valuable seniors and members of the First Nations everywhere in Quebec towards whom we are committed to restoring to our community as well, for each set sold, an important amount will be awarded to support Aboriginal social projects.

Thank you, KWE!

To discover our mixtures of herbs and game spices:

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