Maliseet Blend
Maliseet Blend

Maliseet Blend

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Taste profile: Inspired by the riverside universe of the St. Lawrence River, this blend of savory spices with vegetable flavors recalls the smell of the sea and the coastal flora. Offering a perfect balance between the land and the sea, the pepper from the dunes with its slightly bitter aromas delicately softens the salty-pepper flavor by provoking an unparalleled explosion of tastes on the taste buds.

Maliseet: Formerly a nomadic community, its way of life was essentially based on hunting, fishing and trade with other First Nations. They are quickly recognized as masters in the art of building, navigating and portaging canoes. The Cacouna Native Reserve was established in the 19th century and today has no permanent inhabitants on its territory.

Partridge: The partridge inspires the sacred spiral that exemplifies personal vision and enlightenment. It's about thinking about how we move through the world.

Dune Pepper: To season or enhance. A wild spice with both fruity and woody notes. A must for seasoning your meats, broths and coulis.

The Wolastoqiyik Wahsipekuk First Nation, formerly known as Maliseet First Nation of Viger, has two uninhabited reserves, Cacouna 22 and Whitworth 21, in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region. The Wolastoqey (Maliseet) people inhabit the valleys of the Wolastoq, also known as the Saint John River, and its tributaries, straddling the border between New Brunswick and Quebec in Canada, and Maine in the United States. .

  • Prepared and packaged in Quebec by local artisans
  • 60g size

Ingredients: Spices, sea salt, dune pepper.

* The small wooden spoon is not included, it is only for product presentation.

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