Mohawk mix
Mohawk mix
Mohawk mix
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Taste profile: Inspired by the urbanization of this people with ancestral customs, this blend evokes a perfect cocktail with a sweet and savory flavor of maple and 'citrus. Enhanced by the city hibiscus flower with incomparable aromas, maple will bring a breath of freshness to this blend with a floral and delicate taste.

Mohawks: The second most populous Nation in Quebec, have managed to preserve their values ​​despite the influence of large neighboring cities. In the Iroquois language, the term Mohawks meant, depending on the context and the interpretations: "people of the light", "lightning men", "people of the flints" or even "children of the stars".

Deer: Represents gentleness, that which touches the hearts and minds of wounded beings and which brings security and healing. Love others as they are, be kind to yourself.

Hibiscus: With its fruity and tangy taste, the hibiscus flower brings color and sunshine to your meals, both raw for a unique decoration of your dishes, and dried to be consumed in many preparations.

There are three major Mohawk communities spread across Quebec, Ontario and the United States. In Quebec, Kahnawake is located on the South Shore of the St. Lawrence River, Kanesatake, landlocked in the town of Oka located at the confluence of the Ottawa River and Lac Deux-Montagnes and finally, Akwesasne, a large community of 14 000 people who live on the border of Ontario, Montérégie in Quebec and New York State.

  • Prepared and packaged in Quebec by local artisans
  • 60g format

Ingredients: Sea salt, maple sugar, hibiscus, onion, dune pepper, lemon peel, citric acid, lemon oil, lime oil.

* The small wooden spoon is not included, it is only for product presentation.

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