Our story

The Épices du Guerrier is basically a native spice blend known for its unique appearance. In fact, we are well known for our gift log in which you can find our spice blend.

We have then diversified to offer you new products, such as the Tomahawk blend, the Boreal Bacon Pepper or the Scorbut hot sauce.

 St-Tite Kiosk

Our beginning, Festival de St-Tite, 2018


Daniel's story, more than a passion

« I have been traveling the Aboriginal territory of Quebec for over twenty years and have had the privilege of visiting more than 30 communities with which I have established close ties. My most beautiful memories with First-Nations have always been the meals.

A moment of sharing where everyone is always received as an honor guest, the traditional Aboriginal meal allows an incursion into the heart of the territory and allows you to discover a rich ancestral land full of flavors and aromas!

My dream was therefore to create a link, based on my empirical knowledge, that would unite the gastronomy of the native land while pleasing the Allochthones and this is why, after years of research, development and all these flavors that have invaded my kitchen for months, I created the mixture of Les Épices du Guerrier, in reference to the pickers who face every day this great territory in search of unique flavors.

- Daniel Picard, founder