Bacon Pepper Western Omelette
02/03/2021 2 Comments

Bacon Pepper Western Omelette


  • 2-3 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon of water or milk
  • Butter or vegetable oil
  • Cheese (your choice)
  • Pre-cooked ham
  • Bacon pepper



  1. Grate the cheese, to taste.
  2. Cut up small cubes of ham.
  3. Break eggs into a bowl and add 1 tsp. of water or milk.
  4. Mix the eggs with a whisk.
  5. Put a a small amount of butter or oil on a skillet, then turn on the stove over medium heat.
  6. Pour the contents of the bowl containing the eggs into the pan. Make sure everything is placed as close to the center of the pan as possible.
  7. Allow to cook. When the top is still a little moist, add the cheese, ham and Bacon Pepper.
  8. Fold the omelette in half and serve.


Treat yourself and serve your omelette with the side dishes of your choice. Don't hesitate to send us your creations on social medias!


02 March 2021

C’est sur que ça va être une belle esprience ça va être capotin

02 March 2021
berthe ange tapp

Je l’emploie dans mes soupes et autres,
Merveilleux . merci ÉPICE DU GUERRIER

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